This chapter presents Rabins' method and show how it can be used to obtain the leakage magnetic field, forces, leakage inductances, and mutual inductances between winding sections. The leakage inductances and mutual inductances can also be used in detailed circuit models of transformers such as are needed in impulse calculations. Rabins' method can also be used to find the leakage inductance for this situation. The current densities for each coil will be nonzero within different axial regions, but the Fourier decomposition should reflect this. The Rabins' inductances tend to be about an order of magnitude higher than the corresponding air core inductances and mutual inductances, which are often used in impulse simulation studies. The chapter finds that the Rabins' method inductances tend to give good agreement with impulse data obtained via RSO methods. Rabins' method can be used to find the leakage reactance for a collection of any number of coils.