This chapter considers the significance and importance of the crop with different sources and methods of nitrogenous fertilizers as well as sowing dates and population densities, based on intensive field experimentations under local conditions. It examines that, in view of groundnut being an important cash crop and new genotypes being available with improved agro-techniques, the literature is meager. As this kharif crop may act as an income-generating crop for household nutrition and economic security, various aspects of its cultivation merits intensive study. Leaf analysis signifies a definite relationship between the content of the nutrients in the leaves and vegetative growth; the index values of various nutrients at different stages of a crop plant show a clear picture for the assessment of nutritional requirements. The effect of various methods of nitrogen application, sources of nitrogenous fertilizers and their interaction effect were studied at 50, 70, and 90 days of sowing on growth characteristics. The chapter describes the results of this study.