This chapter examines the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure and how an organization can apply for and utilize it. The AWS architectural stack consists of three layers: global infrastructure, foundation services, and platform services. The chapter illustrates these three levels showing that among the platform services are relational databases, data warehousing analytics, various forms of applications such as email and streaming, management tools, and mobile services. The foundation services offer fundamental IT services: computing, networking, and storage services. AWS provides a wide range of platform services in the four categories: analytics, enterprise applications, mobile services, and Internet of things. The chapter examines how to activate multifactor authentication (MFA) as it adds security on to an Identity and Access Management (IAM) or root account. AWS also provides access through a command line that can run in Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. There are many third-part command line tools, such as Boto and EC2 application program interface (API) tool.