This chapter introduces the use of binary or Booolean matrices for event-triggered discrete event systems, and provides an example of discrete event control (DEC) for military missions. It describes a rigorous mathematically justified networked computing environment that has the potential to provide the logical connectivity among all team participants including mission planners, field commanders, war-fighters, and robotic platforms. The chapter also describes the proposed command and control (C2) structure for distributed networked teams with multiple missions. DEC provides a seamless C2 architecture that facilitates quickly turning any deployed team into a tactical unit. The keys to the ease of use and implementation of DEC are formal mathematical computations based on matrices that contain two types of information (task sequencing matrix and resource assignment matrix), and the use of a non-standard matrix or/and algebra. The chapter discusses the DEC software controller that runs in the operational phase to sequence the tasks and assign the team resources in real time.