This chapter explores virtual networks. In the cloud computing environment, virtual networks are used to connect domain controllers (DCs), Elastic Sky X Integrated (ESXi) host servers, vCenter Servers, storage devices, and virtual machines. They are used to link the virtualized computing environment to the physical networks. Through the physical network, the virtual machines can be connected to the Internet and allow users to work on the virtual machines through a Web page. The chapter introduces virtual network components. Virtual networks facilitate the centralized management of the virtualized computing system. A virtual network is a software-based network. The chapter describes two types of virtual switches, the vSphere Standard Switch (vSwitch) and vSphere Distributed Switch (vDS). These switches are used to construct virtual networks. The vSwitch is used to construct a virtual network hosted by a single ESXi host server. The vDS can be used to construct a virtual network across multiple ESXi host servers.