Fortunately in the UK loss of life from flooding is relatively rare, compared to the scale of events in some other parts of the world. Even so, the deaths of 13 people were linked to flooding during the summer of 2007 in north-east, central and south-west England. During these floods, there was damage to approximately 48 000 homes and 7000 businesses (Cabinet Office, 2008) and the Association of British Insurers1 (ABI) reported around 165 000 insurance claims totalling £3 billion. Flooding of a home or business is a difficult experience with considerable follow-on effects on health, security and financial viability. Table 16.1 shows the largest insured losses fromnatural hazards in the UK. Whilst some of the losses shown were caused by a combination of flooding and other perils, it is clear how important flooding is (and how significant was the flooding in the summer of 2007). Note that the figures shown are insured losses, and hence not the same as estimates of the wider economic consequences of such events.