Torso trauma in children is second only to head trauma in frequency and associated mortality. The vast majority of abdominal and thoracic injuries are due to blunt trauma such as falls, transport-related incidents and sporting activities. Injury to the urinary tract can occur anywhere from the kid ney to the distal urethra. Blunt abdominal trauma is more likely to cause renal injury, whereas straddle injuries in males may produce urethral damage. Falls and kicks to the loin are the usual cause of renal trauma. The clinical features include tenderness and muscular rigidity over the loin and, in time, a mass may become palpable through the anterior abdominal wall. Lacerations are sustained during falls or play, when handling dangerous objects, or are incurred during major trauma. Assessment of a child with a laceration may be difficult. Fractures are common because children play vigorously and often fail to take adequate precautionary or evasive measures.