In our discussion, when people are looked at as external agents, I refer to the concept as “sociocultural risks” ; when they are examined as an integral part of the project, I recognize their potential for creating vulnerable points. This is especially true when People engage in the transformation process, where I divide them as Forces of Production (FP), which can be controlled (FPc or Fits) or uncontrolled (FPnc or Unfits)— the latter representing the largest potential for fostering POVs. On the outside of the project, People have been classified as clients, suppliers, regulators, and bad apples — the latter representing the highest risk. A deadly combination, as we hinted before, is the mix of poor planning and Unfits (uncontrolled Forces of Production, FPnc ), or even worse, poor planning, (uncontrolled Forces of Production, FPnc ), and bad apples.