The model of the Battery is included in SimPowerSystems that models in detail the charge-discharge processes in different types of batteries: lead acid, lithium ion, nickel−cadmium, and nickel metal hydride. The battery nominal voltage Vnom, its rated capacity Qrated (Ah), and the initial charge for simulation SOC (%) are specied in the block dialog box. At this, the nominal voltage is the voltage value in the end of the discharge linear zone. A number of additional characteristics must be dened that can be done in two ways: if the option Use parameters based on Battery type and nominal values is chosen, all the necessary parameters will be dened automatically; if this option is not checked, the necessary parameters have to be specied manually. These parameters are the maximum capacity Qmax (Ah) that is usually equal to 105% of the rated capacity; the fully charged voltage (V) Vfull; the nominal discharge current, which the discharge characteristic is calculated for; the internal resistance that, for the model on default, is determined as the resistance, across which 1% of the power is dissipated: R = 0.01 Vnom/Qrated; the capacity under nominal voltage, which is the capacity that can be extracted from the battery until the voltage is kept not less than the nominal value; and exponential zone-the values Vexp and Qexp correspond to the end of this zone.