Pufferfish are small to moderate-sized fishes as their body length varies between 2 cm and 120 cm. Fins of the pufferfish are unique and they are used in a different manner. Puffers use mainly their pectoral fins along with dorsal and anal fins for moving. The bodies of pufferfish look mostly like a ball, however, they are perfectly adapted to their environment and living habits. During inflation, the pufferfish seems to hold its breath, presumably to keep the ingested water in the stomach. Spawning of the pufferfish normally occurs from spring to summer. The mating system of the pufferfish is revealed to be male-territory-visiting polygamy, while promiscuous group spawning and male-dominate harems of territorial females have been reported in the other species of pufferfish. Scientists have solved a 20-year-old mystery under the sea and discovered a new pufferfish species viz. Torquigener albomaculosus.