In comparison with the 1991 census, the ethnic minority population in England increased from 6% to 9% partly due to the addition of mixed ethnic groups in 2001. Social policies pertaining to Indo-Asians elders are based on perceptions and assumptions with little evidence-based research. To many an untrained Western observer, Indo-Asians are distinguishable by the colour of their skin, their geographical location, clothes and language. A person consuming food prohibited in another religion could easily ignite strong religious sentiment and occasionally this leads to major riots. The high risk for coronary heart disease in Indo-Asians may be in part linked to dietary factors although, this could not be the sole reason. The Asian population in the UK has a lower level of physical activity than the white population. Older people in UK faces different challenges from other groups of Indo-Asian elders, both on the sociocultural front and in terms of the disease spectrum.