The properties are more often found from field tests as these can be performed in situ and are often a more cost-effective way of obtaining soil properties. This chapter describes the most common field tests, and where applicable, methods of obtaining the appropriate material property from the field test are presented. As field tests are performed as part of a site investigation programme, common site investigation techniques are described. The most common field tests are the standard penetration test (SPT), the dynamic cone penetration test (DCP), the static cone penetration test (CPT), the pressuremeter test (PMT), and the dilatometer test (DMT). Rock core can be inspected for fissuring, weathering, and defects or can be used to obtain rock strength by testing the recovered core. Pressuremeters are basically devices which consist of a cylindrical rubber membrane which can be lowered into a borehole and inflated against the sides of the borehole.