This chapter provides suggestions and ideas on how to present and analyze the percent-loading chart data. The percent-loading chart's starting point is the concept of "lowest repeatable" elements. Element machine time is probably the easiest to determine. If each product line has its own percent-loading chart, it is easy enough to see whether there is any common machine time demand that would prohibit all the targeted products from running together in the same production cell with existing or targeted equipment. he tool for getting to the new process in the production cell is the percent-loading chart. By reviewing the percent-loading charts for individual products and extending the pacing-element-observed machine times, people should be able to see whether there will be too much competing demand for any particular machine or asset. With the filled-out, baseline "least-waste-way" percent-loading chart as a starting condition posted where all can see, begin manager's brainstorming session with the documented elements making up the percent-loading chart.