In the rationalized total-value flow, workers know what workmanship and quality standard is expected. Metrics are the enforcement tool that drives the Lean process. For the total-value flow, plan on a daily end-of-day walk-through with involved workers and supervisors, responsible materials and scheduling personnel, the line stocker servicing the production cell, responsible quality personnel, and depending on need and involvement, a representative from the maintenance area. Use visuals for each checklist item—green for compliance and red for noncompliance—so it becomes obvious to passersby how the total-value flow is doing. Once managers start up their total-value flow and have had several months of smooth operations, they may want to review their kanban cards. More inventory reductions followed until the supplier had this customer's product on a demand-driven, kanban-signal system. Kanban inventory levels are relative to a defined population and normal card fluctuations, and they can be calculated outside a computer framework.