The coding managers do in their kanban database file should correspond to the coding in the part master or inventory module of any computer system you are using to run their business. The information managers used to determine their end-item part number kanban candidates—system end-item part number, part number description, unit of measure, lead time to produce, statistical information (mean, mode, median, standard deviation, number of shipments, interval of shipments), shipment multiple, shipment minimum—if their computer system is typical, should be extractable from your computer's database. With managers end-item part numbers coded in their computer system in a field that can be sorted to reflect kanban, made to order, custom, or obsolete classifications, it is now time to derive the dependent demand corresponding codings and kanban quantities. Managers will finish determining the kanban population for dependent-demand part numbers by adding the kanban aggregate quantity to the "other" demand from non-kanban part level bills of materials.