In this chapter, the authors discuss the idea of process mapping to create a "future state" from a documented "current state". The "current-state process map" depicts company's methods and processes as they are used in day-to-day business. After breaks, mandate all personnel return to the meeting on time and fully prepared to concentrate on the process mapping. The point of the current-state process map is to discover what the reality of the flow is now. Everyone should understand that the current-state process map is not an indictment of existing personnel or policies; it is simply documenting reality. As the team goes along defining the process of the current state, the team leader must not allow the group to "improve upon" the process of the current state in the current-state process map. When cloud bursts arise in the course of creating the current-state process map, sometimes, team members can become defensive, if the defect cited lands too close to home turf.