The future-state process map will begin with the same question that powered activities on the current state: "A customer just telephoned, e-mailed, or faxed an order to your company—what happens next?" This chapter discusses the role of the computer, the method for obtaining data for reporting and metrics, the process for incorporating the heijunka–kanban concept into the flow, and what are reasonable gains to expect from the first attempt to turn a current state into a future state. Computer systems should fit the appropriate role they most capably serve in a company. In a Lean company, when it comes to running a heijunka and kanban system, their role is to create cards and remain a depository of part number data. The ideal in Lean would be to have a self-contained cell where inexpensive, flexible, and dedicated equipment could make all similar weldment assemblies within the cell to replenish actual customer demands.