This chapter discusses the fundamental steps that are involved in finite element analysis (FEA) and static analysis with solid elements. The Structural Research and Analysis Corporation (SRAC) developed an engineering analysis software product called COSMOS, based on FEA. The SRAC was established in 1982, and it made significant contributions toward FEA for engineering analysis. FEA is used in new product design and existing product refinement. A company is able to verify that a proposed design will perform to the client's specifications prior to manufacturing or construction. The finite element model is solved using a solver that is provided in Solid-Works Simulation. Solving FEA problems can take seconds for a simple model or hours for a complex model. The Solid-Works Simulation Command Manager has a number of advisors. The simulation advisor works with the Solid-Works Simulation interface by starting the appropriate Property Manager and linking to online help topics for additional information.