Evidence-based solutions and a proposal to reduce firearm violence I finally obtained my Connecticut Pistol Permit. I received a letter on February 25 notifying me that my application for a Connecticut State Pistol Permit had been approved and that I could pick up my temporary permit at the local police department. The temporary permit was valid for only 60 days. During that period, I had to go to the State Police Headquarters in order to obtain my permanent permit. I went on March 3. There was a short line. I had to fill out yet another form, an application for a pistol permit. One of the more interesting questions on the form was Reason for Permit. It seemed kind of odd to wait until this point in the application process to ask that question. About 20 minutes later, I reached the counter. I handed in my temporary permit, the form requesting a permanent permit, my birth certificate, and the $70 fee. They took my picture, and, in a few minutes, I walked out with my Permit to Carry Pistols and Revolvers (Connecticut State Pistol Permit). It only took eight weeks and a little over $300. The permit is good for five years.