Chapter 8 introduced the idea of exploring team perceptual cycle interactions. This was investigated through retrospective interviews conducted via the CDM with a SAR team that dealt with a critical incident. The analysis of this data demonstrated that a network-based analysis approach was useful for exploring the interconnectivity of team perceptual cycle processes. The research presented in this chapter builds on the work undertaken in Chapter 8 by continuing to explore team perceptual cycle interactions and employs a more robust network analysis approach by utilising other stages of the event analysis of systemic teamwork (EAST) methodology. The context of this research remains in SAR teams, but there are two key differences compared to Chapter 8; first, data were collected via concurrent observations and communication recordings rather than retrospective interviews, and, second, the research is exploring perceptual cycle interactions of the team in general, not specifically related to critical decision-making. In doing so, this research demonstrates how the SAR team functions within a distributed perceptual cycle whereby the actions of one team member become world information for another team member.