Proofreading is a crucial step of the writing process and it pays off to do it well. Sadly, it is also often overlooked by most students. Some people tend to identify proofreading with spell checking but this is only one aspect of it. The key purpose of proofreading students' work is to detect and correct not just typographical errors but also any mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and references. Many mistakes are really easy to spot and can be rectified upon proofreading. Correct spelling is almost as important as correct grammar. The following list provides useful advice to refer to when proofreading. These are as follows Use a spell checker, Proofread from a printout, and Read backwards, Beware of autocorrection functions, Consult a dictionary when in doubt. Proofread from a printout once all electronic spell checking has been completed, it is advisable to continue proofreading on paper, ideally covering with a blank sheet all the lines those students are reading.