This chapter explores the on-treatment imaging equipment and strategies on other types of advanced technology alternatively based on non-C-arm platforms. It looks at the TomoTherapy system and its on-treatment verification imaging capabilities. TomoTherapy is a fully integrated system on-treatment imaging acquisition and registration software, as well as the ability for on-line rapid plan generation and adaptive treatments. In terms of on-treatment verification imaging, the technology is very similar to that of conventional helical computed tomography scanners. The time required for on-treatment imaging and analysis prior to actual treatment delivery is an important factor in busy radiotherapy departments; contributing to the overall time slot which is allocated to each patient. On-treatment verification imaging is an integral part of the TomoTherapy system and is a standard requirement for nearly all treatments, irrespective of complexity. The Accuray Cyberknife system is a treatment technology based upon a robotic delivery system, which is used widely for industrial applications, such as the car and automotive industry.