Protocol development and training are integral parts of commissioning a new linac or treatment machine with its associated on-treatment imaging and geometric verification capabilities or when a new verification technique is introduced on existing equipment. NRIG and On-target give the basic structure required of protocols for on-treatment verification imaging; the key points are outlined and are equally applicable for C-arm based linacs and other advanced technologies like Cyberknife, TomoTherapy, Halcyon and magnetic resonance-guided radiotherapy. Site specific protocols are ideal; ones that can be tailored to the nuances of the clinical site and the best treatment delivery method for that site. For all types of protocol, there is an onus on commissioning and frequent review/audit of practice and results as well as feedback into maintaining/modifying the protocol for maximum clinical quality. For the core service for image guidance and on-treatment imaging, a multidisciplinary approach is necessary and the best practice.