This chapter revisits the programming of Intrinsics-based clients program and converts it to a Motif client so people can see how the same application would look using Motif. It explains how to create a client based on MainWindow layout, use the FormWidget, create field-level help, create a pull-down menu, create pop-up scrolled help, and create a pop-up option list. The chapter examines the four-step process of creating a menu bar in Motif. For a larger amount of textual help, the XmText widget in a scrolled window works wonders. While creating an entry form, by setting the RowColumn widget to a horizontal orientation and setting the number of columns to two, the desired effect is produced. The biggest change between trade to mwtrade is that the "pop ups" are brought to life by managing them, not popping them. The same is true for bringing them down, except they are unmanaged.