This chapter explains how to construct a complete application, with field entry, pop-up help, pop-up menu, pop-up option list, and field traversal without the mouse. Standardizing the user interface has many advantages. It provides consistent program structure, minimizes user re-education, and streamlines program development. With a consistent user interface for applications, the re-education process for users is reduced. Users can spend more time using the application rather than trying to figure out all of the new interface guidelines. Additionally, application writers need not deal with the issues of interface style; they simply adapt whatever is the current policy and use the available tools to abide by it. The original set contained components such as the scrollbar, command button, label, and text editing. In addition, a few layout assistants were available: box, form, viewport, and vpaned. Soon after this set was created, vendors stepped in to provide their versions of a scrollbar, command button, and the rest.