A number of books on carbon fibers have appeared. These include, in order of appearance, Sittig 1 (1980), Delmonte 2 (1981), Donnet and Bansal 3 (1984), Fitzer 4 (1985), Watt and Perov 5 (1985), Dresselhaus et al. 6 (1988), Figueiredo et al. 7 (1990), and Donnet and Bansal 8 (1990). This review covers the period 1980-1992. At the start of the project the computer program DIALOG® was used to query Chemical Abstracts for citations to carbon fibers/fibres and graphite fibers/fibres. In September 1990 there were 15,709 responses, which include patents and works on composite materials. At the time of submission to the editor in November 1993, there were more than 24,600 citations.