Commercial processing of carbon/carbon composites can range upward to 2400 C or higher to cause the matrix to attain a partially graphitic microstructure. On the other hand, Jones et al. examined four different composites, two with PAN-type fibers and two with pitch-type fibers; the composites received different processing conditions as attested by a different number of densifications for each composite. A nickel coating can be applied to carbon fiber by cementation, electroless plating, and electroplating. The tensile strength of the electroless copper-coated fibers was not reduced, while the cementation process resulted in a lower tensile strength. The fracture strain was essentially unchanged from that of the original fiber. Uniform and continuous coatings of nickel have been applied to carbon fibers by cementation, electroless, and electroplating techniques. Strong bonding between fiber and phenolic resin will result in a weak interface in carbon/carbon composites following elimination of heteroatoms.