In machining, a cutting tool or abrasive materials removes metal from a metal workpiece to produce a desired shape and dimension. Thus, machining is but one aspect of metalworking, which includes sawing, milling, grinding, drilling, boring, reaming, turning, stamping, forging, shaping, and heat treating. On November 29, 1985, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed to regulate used oil as hazardous waste. However, the responses to this proposal and the demonstrated ability of the oil recycling industry to safely recycle oils or recover energy by burning them led the EPA to conclude that used oils are not hazardous unless contaminated with regulated hazardous waste or containing hazardous constituents. Preparing an inventory of the metalworking, hydraulic, and lubricating fluids being used is the first step in a waste reduction program. This step is undertaken to confirm that the materials and procedures being used are in accordance with plant engineering policy or manufacturer's specifications.