There are several instruments or systems on the market that are less sophisticated for microbiological analysis. In general, these instruments can perform only parts of a microbiological analysis and cannot make decisions or interpret the data independently. These instruments include microdilutors, which are primarily used for minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) determinations. There are several microdilutors on the market which are in use for MIC determinations. Since the MIC tests are being performed more frequently, this type of instrument may become more common in clinical microbiology laboratories. Using the Autotiter to perform an MIC determination, eight different antimicrobial agents may be tested against two different organisms in one tray or 16 antibiotics against one organism. Therefore, in performing on MIC determination, the role of Autotiter 10 and Dynatech MIC-2000 System is limited to the elimination of manual dilution and dispensing the test reagents with no decision-making capability.