The AutoMicrobic System (AMS) is a computerized instrumented system with automated processes for the detection, enumeration, and identification/grouping of microorganisms by monitoring changes in optical density through selected media by photometric methods. Using AMS the detection of bacteria in a specimen is based on monitoring changes in light transmission in the media inoculated with the specimen, and enumeration depends on the rate of change produced by a known dilution of the specimen. The AMS is a system using automatic processes for the detection, enumeration, identification/grouping, and eventually antibiotic susceptibility testing of bacteria directly from clinical specimens using selective media. AMS when fully developed and approved, offers the potential to do a complete microbiological analysis. The AMS takes up to 13 hr to detect a bacteriuria and group-identify its predominating bacteria. E. L. Marso reported that the AMS did yield significantly faster reportable results in his hospital.