This chapter focuses on others', largely anthropological, work to reflect on nomadism and strong links to place in other 'non-traditional' households too. Housing, accommodation, takes form in all shapes and sizes. Some of it in solid granite, rooted in a place for centuries, some of it transient and temporary – a place where, also for centuries, a family has stopped to work and to meet others, for a time. In spite of the variety in physical form of 'home', there still seems to be an expectation that a home is made of bricks. 'Non-traditional households' seem to have to be so manifestly different, to mark them out as 'other'. Think of the example of public, press and politicians blaming Gypsies and Travellers for their own lack of accommodation and place in the community because of an 'unwillingness' to settle and live as the rest of society, in houses.