Hologram and four-dimensional (4-D) are required theoretical thoughts prior to their implementation in 4-D tsunami reconstruction from optical satellite data. In this regard, hologram techniques can be used to acquire three-dimensional (3-D) of tsunami wave which is encoded in two-dimensional (2-D) wave. Therefore, the main question which arises is how is 4-D encoded in 3-D? Besides, how hologram interferometry can be derived from incoherent satellite optical data such as QuickBird data? In fact, QuickBird data are considered due to reflection of sun radiation, which is recorded by the sensor. Under this circumstance, the information recorded in optical satellite data is just the amplitude of electromagnetic wave reflection. However, it is impossible to retrieve the hologram fringes from QuickBird data or other optical remote sensing due to an absence of phase information. Therefore, it may be possible to implement the hologram interferometry from optical satellite data by considering the procedures of incoherent hologram.