In the early '90s, the Regrade began to take off, with restaurants, shops, art galleries, nightspots, and thousands of new apartments and condominiums. Numerous buildings were renovated, and new buildings went up, seemingly, on every other block. The best new development in the Denny Regrade, though, has to be Belltown Court. The interior spaces of Belltown Court set a new standard for apartments in the city. The elegant entrance lobbies have high ceilings, deco-style lighting, fine furnishings, and artwork. One of the surprising things about Belltown Court is that some residents have young children. Contrary to popular mythology, families can live just fine in a downtown. Belltown Court suggests that we finally know how to create denser forms of housing that are not just merely "units" stacked and packed into minimalist containers. To some people, Belltown Court may seem a bit eccentric in its design and color palette.