Chapter 10 presents both the analytic technique and an experimental platform by pulse shaping modulation in order to conduct Tera-bps optical transmission whereby the generation of multicarrier lightwaves and modulation techniques incorporating pulse shaping of data sequences. The optical channels are polarized division multiplexed and follow the complex signal formats QPSK (PDM-QPSK). The pulse shaping leads to a closely spaced channel spectrum so as to achieve the most effective spectral density. Total bit rates of 1.12 and 2.24 Tbps are demonstrated and transmission of superchannels over 3500 km of optically amplified SSMF multi-spans with BER of 2 × 10−3 (hard FEC qualified) for 28 GBd Nyquist QPSK and 2 × 10−2 (soft FEC qualified) at 32 GBd. Furthermore, 20% FEC can be employed to achieve an extension of transmission distance of up to 2500 km.