Chapter 11 provides an overview of fabrication techniques of integrated guidedwave photonic modulators, basic principles of modulation schemes and transmission medium, and single mode or few mode fibers. These chapters also investigate Si integrated photonic circuits (Si-PIC), which are currently attracting significant interest because of their intergrability with CMOS micro-electronics. This technology may emerge as an essential technique to integrate both electronics and photonics on the same chip e-PIC (electro-photonic integrated circuits), leading to significant reduction of the total product cost using automatic CMOS technology production line. Chapter 11 provides a brief account of planar optical waveguide, the guiding principles and method for estimating the propagation vector, and the effective refractive index. This is essential to understanding the wave propagation phenomena so that a 3D guided structure can be interpreted in Chapter 12. These 3D waveguides are fabricated by diffusion of impurities into crystalized structures to create buried diffused waveguides, also producing optical modulation by applied voltage signals onto electrodes across them.