In this chapter, some of the considerations relating to the use of differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) for the study of pharmaceutical systems will be outlined. This is an extremely large topic in its own right, and it is not logistically feasible to list

every study that could be placed in this category. On that basis, the discussion has been confined to the most widespread uses of DSC within the pharmaceutical sciences, namely polymorphism, pharmaceutical hydrates, and glassy systems. For a description of many of the pharmaceutical systems not covered in this chapter, the reader is referred to the following general texts. First, the book by Ford and Timmins (1) provides a thorough account of pharmaceutical systems that have been studied using thermal techniques. Second, the special issues of

Thermochimica Acta

(2,3) specifically dealing with pharmaceutical thermal analysis are recommended as these provide a comprehensive account of a selection of the topics covered here. During the course of the chapter, further texts in which more information on specific subjects is available will also be recommended.