Paint is a particulate dispersion composed of pigments and extenders as the particulate phase and binder solution or latex as the continuous phase. Nanomaterials in the form of dispersions of nanoparticles in liquids, also referred to as nanodispersions, have many practical applications. In targeted drug delivery applications, drug molecules are first adsorbed onto the surface of the magnetic nanoparticles by mixing the particles with the drug solution. Particulate composites generally consist of nearly isometric particles, whereas fiber-reinforced composites consist of fibers of high aspect ratio as the dispersed phase. Fine-particle composites consist of particles in the submicron or nanometer range and the volume fraction of the dispersed phase is usually small. Particulate composites can be subdivided into two groups: coarse-particle composites and fine-particle composites. Coarse-particle composites consist of particles significantly larger than 1 µm, and the volume fraction of the dispersed phase in these composites is often high.