A conceptual design of components that might be required for full-scale application of mining and beneficiation techniques to remediate typical small arms firing ranges was prepared. Before designing a treatment plant for a firing range soil, representative bulk samples must be obtained and treatability studies completed on composite samples of the soil. The full-scale plant was designed to be a mobile, modularized system. The technologies and equipment evaluated for the design were commonly available. The soil washing system included four principal unit operations: deagglomeration, particle sizing, gravity separation, and dewatering. Deagglomeration is the process of separating particles from each other by mechanical means, allowing accurate particle sizing. Lead particles must be separated from the soil matrix in order to recover the lead particles. The selection of the proper equipment depended on the type of soil, and four types were considered: a trommel, a log washer, a high-pressure water spray on vibrating screen, and an attrition scrubber.