Metal matrix composites that are reinforced with ceramic particles or short fibres are potentially very useful for lightweight structural parts, because they have high specific stiffness and strength and good wear resistance. However, metal matrix composites have not been put to much practical use in the automotive or machinery industries, though many trial products have been made in various fields. To date only a few metal matrix composite products can be found in those industries, for example a piston, a cylinder block and an inlet valve for automobile engines. Most of them are high-volume products that are produced directly into the final parts by liquid processing routes such as squeeze casting or pressure infiltration. Unlike these high-volume shaped components, sheet-type products of metal matrix composites are far behind in their development and application to industrial fields. Chapter 2 discusses specific metal matrix composite components such as pistons and engine blocks in the automotive industry, and components in other industries are discussed in chapters 1, 3 and 4.