This chapter introduces the informatic methods that have been developed over the years to analyze glycans. It presents the terminology and notations used. The chapter introduces computer theoretic algorithms applied to glycan structure comparison. The chapter describes bioinformatic methods utilizing genomic data. It introduces data mining methods for glycan analysis and lists the tools that have been developed for glycome informatics analysis. In the case of glycans, nodes are labeled with the monosaccharide name, and edges with the glycosidic bond information. The bioinformatic methods are differentiated in this section from algorithmic methods in that biological problems are directly addressed. Linkage information is omitted for simplicity. Kernel methods and support vector machines (SVMs) are now quite popular in the field of bioinformatics for classifying multi-dimensional data efficiently. KEGG glycan composite structure map was built based on the glycan structures and reaction information in KEGG.