Antibodies have been found in goats worldwide (Table 5.1). In a seroprevalence study of T. gondii infection on 2,445 adult goats from 94 dairy goat farms in Sardinia, Italy, IgG antibodies were found in 12.3% and IgM antibodies in 5.6%.891 The seroprevalence was underestimated because the sera were diluted 1:200 for IgG and 1:20 for IgM determination. In another study, seroprevalence increased with age, indicating postnatal transmission.1013 A low seropositivity (IHA titer 1:64) was reported in 58 (4.8%) of 1,200 goats from Inner Mongolia, China.1243 T. gondii antibodies were observed in 11.8% of 541 sheep and goats from Spain, but the data were not separated by species.881