Chapters 11 and 12 focused on job content and the documentation of job analysis to enlarge jobs in order to optimize the abilities of your people. Job content and analysis are the underpinnings for how an HR strategy is executed through core HR processes against the overall business objectives and goals of the organization. Therefore, this chapter reviews the four core HR processes:

1. Recruitment 2. Training 3. Performance management 4. Rewards

Each of these core HR processes can significantly impact the results of your organization, so each is a potential strategic lever. You might be accustomed to thinking about each of the core processes separately, so this may be the first time you have considered them in comparison to each other, in terms of which one is the best suited to achieve your strategic business results. By considering each of the above processes as a strategic lever, you can highlight how they can be designed for impact-not just as a reaction to immediate needs or rooted in past practices.