The generation of electrical power from ocean tides is very similar to traditional hydro-electric power generation. The simplest generation system for tidal plants involves a dam, known as a barrage, across an inlet. One of the advantages of tidal energy harvesting is that the tidal current is regular and predictable. Similar to the wind turbines, tidal turbines can be used for tidal energy harvesting. Utilization of tidal power can be classified into two main types: potential energy harvesting and kinetic energy harvesting. The power generating technology used in barrage approach is very similar to the conventional low-head hydro systems. The following three types of turbines are commonly used in tidal power generating: Bulb Turbine, Rim Turbine and Tubular Turbine. To harvest tidal current energy, energy conversion systems are required to convert water kinetic energy into the motion of mechanical systems, which can drive generators. Generally, It uses three fundamental types: horizontal axis systems; vertical axis systems; and linear lift-based systems.