This chapter focuses on the ocean wave energy harvesting in which the kinetic and potential energy contained in the natural oscillations of ocean waves is converted into electric power. Offshore applications are located away from the shore and they generally use a floating body as wave power absorber and another body that is fixed to the ocean bottom. Salter Cam and buoys with air-driven turbines are the only applications involving rotational generators in offshore applications. Generally, linear generators with buoys are used in offshore applications. There are several types of technologies to convert ocean wave power into electricity. All technologies have advantages and drawbacks in terms of efficiency, maintenance, operation costs, establishment difficulties, and power rating. Some of the mainly used wave energy harvesting technologies are as follows: OWC, Overtopping devices, Pelamis, Wave Dragon, Archimedes wave swing AWS device, Wave Star Energy WSE, and magnetohydrodynamics MHD generator.