To recognize the variety of foods made from milk To appraise milk product variations such as low fat, fat free, low sodium cheeses and cheese products To observe and describe reasons for coagulation of milk protein by several methods To relate methods of coagulation to preparation and characteristics of several milk products To observe, describe, and relate the effect of heat on natural and processed cheese To appraise nutritive, palatability, sanitary, and economic characteristics of milk products

Appendix G-I

Casein Whey Pasteurization Homogenization Clot Coagulation

Curd Curdled Natural cheese Processed cheese Cheese spread Cold pack cheese Imitation cheese

Low fat cheese Low sodium cheese Enzyme Substrate Listeriosis


1. Sample various milk or nondairy products, e.g., low-fat, low-salt, nonfat, nonfat dry milk (NDM), lactose-reduced, imitation products, and yogurt.