To describe conditions prerequisite to crystallization of sugar solutions To know and describe factors affecting the rate of crystallization and size of crystals in sugar products To describe the relationship between boiling temperature, sugar concentration, and structure of sugar

products To describe and relate the effect of interfering agents to the structure of sugar products To summarize key principles essential to obtaining a desirable sugar product To demonstrate an understanding of and ability to apply key principles in the preparation of a sugar

product To evaluate the nutritive value of sugar products To evaluate the uses and nutritive value of sugar substitutes

Solute Solvent Solution Saturated Supersaturated

Amorphous Crystalline Crystallization Nuclei Seeding

Carmelization Viscosity Negative heat of solution Heat of crystallization Hydrolysis

Interfering agent Inversion Invert sugar Sugar substitute

Carry out or observe a demonstration of crystallization (requires overnight refrigeration).