To describe the function of ingredients in a variety of products made from batters and doughs To compare the gluten potential of flours made from wheat, corn, rye, and soy To assess the effectiveness of different leavening agents and relate these to palatability characteristics To delineate relationships of kind and proportion of ingredients to final product characteristics To evaluate the effect of manipulation on gluten development in a variety of batters and doughs To relate gluten development to palatability characteristics of products made from various batters and

doughs To distinguish palatability characteristics such as flakiness, tenderness, and grain in batters and doughs To compare subjective and objective measurements in assessing palatability of pastry To evaluate nutritive value of different grains

1. a. Weigh 1 c (240 ml) unsifted all-purpose flour. b. Sift flour. Gently scoop 1 c (240 ml) of sifted flour into measuring cup without packing.