ABSTRACT The year 1920 was a turning point in the history of Modem Design. After the massive destmction caused by the WWI in Europe, people started looking for l’Esprit Nouveau (Fausch, 1996:71) to express them­ selves. This research aims to reveal the fact that the contributions of Sonia Delaunay and Clarice Cliff in the 1920s and 1930s were neglected. Up to today, no comparison research on these two women designers has been conducted. The history of Modem Design has been broadly discussed from the Westerners’ perspective. As a medium between the East and the West, I am creating a Third Space to look into Modern Design History and these women designers from another perception. This study examines the social con­ texts of two women designers in the Art Deco Era in Europe. It investigate and analyse their works and their accomplishments through not only myself as a cultural medium bridging the East and the West but also such theories as cross-culture visuality, Third Space identity, Hybridity, and gender issues of the time.

Keywords: Art Deco, Sonia Delaunay, Clarice Cliff, Women Designers, Hybridity.