I. INTRODUCTION The author's familiarity with a topic can create a form of myopia. The author may be so familiar with the subject that he or she forgets that readers need a , 'roadmap" so that they, too, can see how the information presented reaches a final conclusion. Creating a roadmap for your dissertation or paper not only helps your readers, it helps you by forcing you to be explicit about your plan of work, clarifying your thoughts. Just as an hour spent outlining can save the writer many times that in writing time, so an hour spent designing a good road map for the reader will help avoid the frustrations of wandering and wondering about what it is you are trying to say-frustrations that will be held against the writer/ researcher. The roadmap concept is simple, involving four elements:

1. Stick to your outline, articulated in your table of contents. The outline should reflect your framework, discussed below. Logically arrange section and subsection headings. It is better to err on the side of having an abundance of these "signpost" headings.