Alejandro Cadenas, Antonio San hez-Esguevillas, and Belen Carro

Operators are always looking for ways to in rease the added value for the

servi es they an oer to their ustomers. At the time of writing, ontext-

aware servi es are one of the ways that are being investigated to do so. In

su h servi es, the optimum interoperability among servi e platforms is riti al

due to the variety of elements at the servi e layer that are involved in ontext-

aware servi e delivery. In order to a hieve su h interoperability with minimum

development eorts, Web servi es te hnology is onsidered a must to make

su h servi es happen in a minimum time to market. In this hapter, the

prin iples to deploy ontext-aware servi es in operator networks are presented.

In addition, a su essful ase is des ribed in detail, implemented with the

prin iples presented in this hapter.